Monday, January 18, 2010

This Year's "March for Life" is Critically Important

With "ObamaCare" being debated in the US House and Senate, this year's March for Life is critically important. The March for Life is being held this Friday, January 22rd, 2010. This may be our last large attempt to get the message to our elected officials in Washington that we do not want their version of Health Care Reform. Is reform needed? Yes... but not the reform they have proposed.

People from around the nation are decending upon Washington, D.C. to participate in the March for Life. Even if you can not be there in person, watch this video and visit the website to learn what you can do from home. And be sure to catch all of the March for Life coverage on EWTN and view EWTN's Pro-Life Resources.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Papal nuncio gives dramatic report on Church in Haiti

The following article is from the Catholic News Agency on the status of conditions following the massive earthquake that struck the capital of Haiti on Tuesday afternoon.  I'm also including a video with narrative and pictures.

Please consider making a donation to Catholic Relief Services (CRS) due to their already strong presence in the area and for their ability to get the necessities to the people in greatest need.

Port au Prince, Haiti, Jan 14, 2010 / 01:30 pm (CNA).- In an exclusive email to CNA, the Apostolic Nuncio to Haiti, Archbishop Bernardito Auza, has revealed the details surrounding the death of the Archbishop of Haiti, the condition of the buildings at the nunciature, the archdiocese and the major seminary, as well as an updated body count of priests, religious, and seminarians in Port-au-Prince, which was hit by a massive earthquake on Tuesday.

“Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has a great presence here,” said the nuncio. But due to the difficult situation, the lack of clean water, and the fact that all the gas stations are closed, they are contemplating moving their headquarters to the nearby town of Gonaives. Today, leaders from CRS and Caritas will meet with the nuncio and his staff at the nunciature.

Archbishop Bernardito Auza reports that the “good and smiling archbishop of Port-au-Prince,” was waiting on his balcony for a ride to a ceremony when the earthquake hit.

“The intensity of the earthquake pushed him down off the balcony headfirst and he died immediately on impact,” the nuncio told CNA. Since there is no electricity, his body has been moved to Gonaives. The Archbishop Auza suggested an immediate burial, but the suggestion was not adopted since it would conflict with local tradition and would be taken as an insult.

The vicar general of Port-au-Prince, Monsignor Charles Benoit, and the Chancellor, Don Cherie, are still under the pile of rubble from the four-story building that housed the archdiocesan offices.

Archbishop Auza said “the chancellor seems to be dead, but we still have hope for Monsignor Benoit.” “We don’t have the numbers, but there are several dead priests and male and female religious whose bodies haven’t been recovered from the rubble,” he added.

On Wednesday evening the nuncio said he visited the major seminary, where he found only one building left standing. Only one priest from the formation team is unaccounted for as of yet. Nine seminarians are confirmed dead, and four more are still missing. Archbishop Auza also visited various religious communities and expressed the Holy Father’s “concern and solidarity.”

The nunciature, where Archbishop Auza lived, has been destroyed as well, even though it is in a part of the city that was not damaged as heavily. The nuncio explained that he and the personnel are sleeping in the garden. Despite the demise of the nunciature, the archbishop and his staff are hosting many meetings, with bishops from around the country flocking to the nunciature as a place to “coordinate and make decisions.”

Fearing a tsunami, many people have also left the city for the hills, Archbishop Auza said. Though a tsunami is unlikely, he is of the opinion that it is better for people to leave the capital, as there is nothing there for them. In the city itself, people walk around aimlessly. Many are also sleeping in the streets, he related.

Archbishop Auza also relayed an assessment of the airport in Port au Prince, saying it is incapacitated. As of yesterday, not one airplane bearing aid had arrived. Due to the earthquake, the control tower collapsed and is completely destroyed. Today, the first arrival, an American military plane, is expected.
May God be with all of those people! Hold in there guys... help is on the way!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

Hearing word that, among the tens of thousands feared dead in Haiti, the Archbishop and many other priests and seminarians have been killed. The Archbishop was near the main cathedral of Port-au-Prince when it collapsed. Many other clergy are unaccounted for and are likely within the rubble of the devastated buildings.

As we go to bed in our soft beds and warm, dry homes, please take a moment to pray for the survivors of this disaster. Many of them are injured and sleeping outside under terrible conditions.

Even better: pray AND donate some items / money to assist those in need. Heaven knows they are in desperate need of your help.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Imagine (Spot 3) - On the Anniversary of Lunar Landing

Here's another great pro-life video from
This wonderful video was recently released on the anniversary of the Lunar Landing and the historic walk on the moon.

We're back!!

After almost a year of post-less days, we're getting re-engaged in the battle for our culture. The election of President Obama and the corruption in Washington has sparked some of the resurgence, but it also has to do with prayerfully reflecting on whether or not we're going to just lie down as society declines or if we're going to do something, anything, to push back.

Looking at our children and trying to foresee what the future is going to be like for them, we're not going to lie down. Our children need to know we care and that we're not apathetic to the world's problems.

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