Monday, August 11, 2008

New from Planned Parethood - "Take Care Down There"

New, new, new from Planned Parenthood! From the organization that distributes contraception devices, advocates chemical abortifacients, and provides unlimited (and often illegal and racist) abortion on demand, comes a brand new website campaign aimed towards helping your children "Take Care Down There". That's correct, Planned Parenthood wants to teach your kids "the ins and outs of the ins and outs".

I'm not making this up! This subject is FAR from funny. In fact, what you are about to learn is quite serious and downright NASTY! While the website isn't necessarily visually "graphic", the gross implications and subject content is intentionally candy-coated to be appealing to teenagers by using teenage actors/actresses, images of flowers and hearts, a 1970's-ish color scheme, and even a "theme song". Of course, this being Planned Parenthood, "parents" are not mentioned in any of the website content, therefore suggesting that kids should share nothing with their parents regarding their risky sexual behavior.

For example, the website contains a series of video clips, each more revolting than the last. In one clip, a girl tells her friends that she's staying home from a party to masturbate. When her gal-pals look shocked, she says, "What? I like me. I like spending time with me. Tonight I think I'm going to go all the way with me". On another video, a creepy guy interrupts an act of homosexual oral sex between two teenage boys to ask them where their condoms are. Other videos are titled "Horse P*nis Virus", "Threesome", "Bring Your Sister" and their theme song about genitalia nicknames that reaches an absurd level of vulgarity. I can't even think of a venue that would even be appropriate for a song like this. It's clearly not appropriate for adults nor for our youth!

Take my advice and don't expose yourself to this material. I'm not even going to provide a link to the website. I also hope you won't give Planned Parenthood the recognition they seek by hitting their website on your own. If you're curious at all, keep your exposure limited to what you can see in this video clip from the American Life League.

Unfortunately, many parents are unaware that this highly inappropriate content is being thrown at their children. Even worse, many are unaware that our hard-earned tax dollars pay for this garbage! Each year, over $300 million of our tax dollars goes towards this "non-profit organization" (non-profit in quotes because they have enormous annual profits) which also is not required to pay taxes. I can think of far better ways of using that tax money, and I'm sure you can too!

The greatest concern, however, is not about tax money. Granted their motivations are due to their greed, the bottom line is that the profits from their abortion business market would drop off dramatically if abstinence programs were promoted. Hence, that is why PP is so vehemently against any such programs. They know they need websites and other content like this to encourage teens (and adults) to go around "experimenting" with each other so that when the unsuspecting girls find themselves expecting, PP will be there to "help" them kill their babies.

So sad, yet so true.

Call AND write your elected officials and demand that our tax money be cut from Planned Parenthood altogether. Furthermore, call the White House switchboard today at 202-456-1414 and ask President Bush to take action before more children are caught up in Planned Parenthood's trap. The production of sewage like this and the buildup of their abortion business needs to come to an end.

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