Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Catholic Revolution

Catholics from all over the country are responding to the call for a Catholic Revolution after recognizing the division within the church which became so clearly evident during the recent Presidential election. The call is being answered by Catholics who are angry, feel betrayed by weak leadership on the part of many bishops, and are searching for a voice. I hear it all the time from callers on the Catholic radio programs I listen to.

RealCatholicTV owners sent out an email late Friday from Michael Voris, host of The Vortex, who says the culture of death demands a counter-cultural revolution on the part of faithful Catholics. Read and listen to the message from
My Fellow Catholics,

I wanted to take a moment following the election to reflect with you.

This is a link to a video commentary (The Vortex) from the day after the election that I invite you to watch. (also seen at the end of this post)

But in short, Our Blessed Lord tells His faithful that we are the "salt of the earth". Considering that at the time Our Lord said that, salt was just as valuable as gold. That is no small statement.

I firmly believe the Catholic Church in the United States and the west in general is entering a time of great change.

This change will demand much from us, much more than we have perhaps ever conceived of having to sacrifice. We have to come to the realization very quickly that we could be entering into a period of persecution against the Church.

We are all sadly aware that the last forty years have brought about many destructive changes in the spiritual lives of many Catholics - most refuse to go to Mass, engage in the sacraments and so forth. We know the devastation.

What is needed now is a total rock-solid re-commitment to the Faith and teachings of the Apostles, a counter-attack that has enveloped the culture and large parts of the west.

I ask you to prayerfully and seriously consider this one question -- What am I doing to advance the Kingdom of Heaven against Satan and his allies? and Saint Michael's Media are done grieving over political outcomes. A time for bold counter-cultural action is now needed - A Catholic Revolution.

Let's all join together and allow ourselves to be used to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven - no matter the personal cost.

God bless and happy viewing.

Michael Voris

P.S. I'm very interested in your responses to our call for a revolution. Please feel free to contact me with your reactions at

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