Thursday, September 4, 2008

On Our Third Wedding Anniversary

To my wife on our anniversary:

Matrimony is a great Sacrament! Our marriage is our vocation in this life. We have been joined for life. Our mission and work are life-long efforts. Through the sanctifying grace we receive by fulfilling our vocation, we can hope to be welcomed in to Heaven and to live eternally with our God.
"Well done my good and faithful servant... Come, share your master's joy."
Matthew, Chapter 25
The exchange of our marriage vows seems as though it just recently took place. Yet when I reflect upon our life experiences and look at our two sons, I am reminded of how much time has passed. Yet, we are still in the early years of our vocation. So much has yet to transpire. So much has yet to be revealed. So much has yet to be accomplished.

Through our marriage and the deep study of our faith, I have come to better understand the gravity of our responsibilities in this vocation including how we are to help each other become saints and to raise our children to be saints. Our lives are now aligned in service to each other, our children, and to our neighbors.

We are to be living examples of what it means to be Catholic Christians and therefore true disciples of Christ. We are to be shining lights for those in the shadows of despair. We are to be the first and primary educators of our children, especially in matters of their religious education. We are to establish an "ecclesia domestica" so that our home is truly a domestic church in every aspect, so that anybody that meets us and enters our home can clearly see that our thoughts, words, and actions are all in union and alignment with how Jesus would have us conduct our lives.

Good health and God-willing, I look forward to a long, rewarding life with you and welcoming more children in to our home. Know that for all the many reasons that describe why I love you, the reasons that stand out the most are your interest in learning more about our shared faith and the miracle you cooperate with when you bring our children in to the world. My heart overflows with love for you and I know that what I feel for you now is still minuscule when compared to how I will love you in the years to come.

My heart is yours. My soul is united with yours. This will always be true.

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