Saturday, September 13, 2008

Real Catholic TV - Purpose of the Vortex during the election season

A few days ago, I made mention of a new Catholic Internet TV station - I signed up as soon as I heard about it (it's free for most content). I have been impressed with the content being produced -- the news, commentary on "The Vortex", saint of the day, this day in history, and more -- all from a Catholic perspective. There's no apparent watering down of the faith. In fact, has been produced to be bold in its Catholic approach.

Case in point is this segment of "The Vortex"; a commentary by Michael Voris. Some of you may know Michael from Saint Michael's Media. Today's topic is largely focused on the purpose of the Vortex throughout the election season. See the hard-hitting segment below along with a summary of topics and excerpts.

Purpose of the Vortex
  • Presenting the truth of the Catholic faith in many different ways

  • Dedicated to helping people learn exactly what the church teaches and to share their knowledge with others

  • is not just a catechism online

  • Whatever the church teaches officially is guaranteed by Christ himself to be truth; this truth must penetrate whenever and wherever needs be

  • During Presidential campaign season, each daily Vortex episode will bring forward the Catholic truth

  • Not about interfering with the so-called separation of Church and State

  • Not about supporting John McCain; people are free to vote for any pro-life candidate, a write-in candidate, or to vote for nobody at all

  • Does endorse the wholesale abandonment of Catholics voting for Barack Obama for one main reason - his support for abortion on demand up to any point in the pregnancy and supporting legislation allowing for babies that survive an abortion to simply die without any medical care

  • Describes Obama's support of abortion, including his promise at a Planned Parenthood conference to sign the radical Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) as his first action as President (link to YouTube) to undermine every pro-life law that has been enacted through the past few decades

  • Obama has lost himself and is bringing down Catholics with him, all so that he can be President

  • Catholics with properly formed consciences can not support pro-abortion politicians -- Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, and dozens of others -- regardless of the other favorable positions they may hold

  • No matter what Obama supports, claims to support, position he postures, legislation he proposes, it accounts for nothing in the face of the cruelty he advocates and seeks to expand

  • Catholic teaching forbids each and every Catholic politician from voting in support of abortion in any way

  • Barack Obama's platform is a murderous cry for the annihilation of over 1,000,000 innocent citizens each year, all in the name of a false and immoral "right"

  • Barack Obama, the "smiling baby killer", must never see the Oval Office except on a tour

  • Does not advocate the voting for the lesser of two evils, but rather a vote for the lessening of evil overall

  • With 50,000,000 dead babies and counting, Catholics must do whatever they can to bring abortion to an end; at this point our vote is what we can most immediately

  • Wishing Obama no personal harm; praying for his conversion and arrival to Heaven

  • Satan is the real enemy, not Obama. But as long as Obama aligns himself with Satan by participating in and advancing Satan's work, we must fight him every step of the way

Share this with everybody you know. Catholics must have their consciences properly formed before stepping in to the voting booth.

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