Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Christendom on iTunes U

Today I received a delightful email from our friends at Christendom College. In the message from their Public Relations & Marketing office, they notified me that the Summer Institute talks I so highly spoke of are going to be available on their website next month... for FREE! No doubt these talks are worth parting with some cash, but knowing that they're going to be available for download soon gives me something to look forward to.

On top of that good news, I was informed that the last two Summer Institutes are also available right now along with many other talks and their choir's CDs. What a treat! Thankfully since they're also available through their website and through iTunes, I won't have to camp out in front of my computer like those who camp out for popular movies and the iPhone. As soon as content is released, it will automatically download for my listening pleasure.

Allow me to share in my joy by sharing with you the link to Christendom on iTunes U. For anybody without iTunes (it's a free download if you'd like it), Christendom has an older web-based podcast site which is still accessible. From there, you can download the audio straight to your computer or listen to it streaming over the internet. All good stuff!

I close by tipping my hat to the many fine men and women of Christendom college that have produced this content and made it available to all of us. Your efforts are greatly appreciated in this household! And thank you Niall for noticing my enthusiasm for Christendom College and taking the time from your day to share with me this information.

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