Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Commentary on PBS program "The Bible's Buried Secrets"

Yesterday I posted the email I received from the American Family Association (AFA) regarding how Public Broadcasting System (PBS) is scheduled to air a program that claims the Old Testament is full of made-up stories. Today I'd like to add my short thoughts, for what they're worth.

Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman of the American Family Association, makes the claim that PBS is perhaps the most liberal network in America. I don't have facts in front of me to refute or confirm that claim, but I will say that I have seen some things that would suggest a liberal slant, despite the fact that we almost hardly watch television.

The example that comes to the forefront of my mind is one where a number of Hollywood celebrities, pop-culture musicians, and even Larry King serving as stars on Sesame Street: All Star Alphabet! Now, they weren't spewing out liberal talking points, but I saw the show's choice of stars to be a way to familiarize the children with these people in a way that they wouldn't question them as they got older. In other words, when the children grow up, they will recall these people from their youth and be more inclined to listen to them speak about topics outside of Sesame Street's alphabet lesson. I'm not comfortable with exposing my children to this form of a covert attack.

I tried to think of what kind of balance I would like to see Sesame Street adopt to make it a little more acceptable. My idea for a great dual lesson on how to count and to follow rules would be to have Father Corapi give the children a short talk on the 10 Commandments. Now that's something I'd love to see!

In response to "The Bible's Buried Secrets", I really have to ask why our tax dollars are paying for such poor programming. A little research would give anybody enough information to show that the premise of this show doesn't stand on firm ground. I'm sure the "experts" of the program are no-name people coming up with some shocking statements in the hopes of getting some airtime.

Secondly, somebody holds the checkbook to pay for these shows. We know that whoever that person is, they have an agenda behind their willing to fund it. I say this because only a person with an anti-Christian view would find any value and credibility in a program that makes a claim that the Bible is wrong. They want to infuse a sense of doubt that something (anything) in the Bible is incorrect because, if they can convince you of that, they've opened the door for you to doubt everything else in the Bible.

We know that if this were an honest program, it would be balanced with all the evidence contrary to their claims. Naturally, we won't be seeing anything like that. They would quickly rise the argument that tax dollars can't pay for anything that promotes any religion (especially Christianity). Sadly, our tax dollars can obviously be used to attack Christianity.

I find the producer's comments derogatory when she claims that the show is for "intelligent people". Are we Bible-believers seen as being Geico Cavemen in her mind? Honestly, I don't care what she thinks of us. We know the truth that Sacred Scripture is the inspired word of God. No television special has the power to sway our faith away from God if our relationship with God is strong.

I'm confident that this program will fall flat upon it's face like so many other frontal attacks recently brought forward by James Cameron, The DaVinci Code, The Golden Compass, and others. It's the same-old song and dance with them. Christianity has faced much larger and stronger heretical attacks than the likes of them and has prevailed through 2,000 years of human history.

As I close, I only ask for you to pray for those that are weak in their faith or just beginning to feel a draw towards Christ. Because their seeds of faith are not yet planted in the good soil, they are the ones most at risk from this attack. During trials like these, they would benefit well from our prayers. Please also take a moment to sign the Congressional petition urging the stop of our tax dollars funding PBS.

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