Sunday, July 20, 2008

Teach your child to love God

My wife was reading a religious book this Sunday when she came across a passage she felt was very powerful. I agreed. I now share it with you as a quotation of Mary Reed Newland, author of "How to Raise Good Catholic Children".

It's amusing to observe the contradictions apparent in the comparison of materialism versus spirituality, but it's not amusing for long -- because there's more involved than a game. Each man caught in the embrace of materialism is a soul in danger of hellfire, and each soul is infinitely precious to God. For those of us who are parents, the challenge is terrible indeed. We have placed in our care for a few short years precious immortal souls who belong to God, whose destiny is an eternity in and with God, and who depend entirely upon us for the formation of a way of life that will lead them surely to God. And woe to us if we fail in this charge.

Who would blame a child who runs headlong into the path of an onrushing truck if his parents have failed to warn him of the perils of trucks? And who would blame a child who fires a loaded gun, killing his friend, if his parents have failed to warn him of the perils of guns? Then who shall blame a child whose soul turns eagerly to the noise and distraction of worldliness, if his parents have failed to show him that love and peace and beauty are found only in God?

"It were better for him if a millstone were hung about his neck and he were cast into the sea, than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin."[1]

[1] Mark 9:41-42

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