Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NFCM New Media Network

Good afternoon men! You may have already received this message, but just in case you haven't, well, here it is! I've been listening to their Sunday podcasts for many months, usually while I'm driving in the car or doing some chores around the house. They're helpful in that the focus is on men's spirituality. Often, there are some insightful questions for reflection at the end of each podcast.

I've also noted a great number of Catholic Men's groups around the nation, many of which I wasn't aware even existed. If there's not one in your area, you may find the NFCM helpful in getting the word out about a men's group you form at your parish.

Check out and support the National Fellowship of Catholic Men by downloading their helpful content...
Dear Brothers,

Greetings from the National Fellowship of Catholic Men. Below are several new resources from the NFCM this week that we will help you grow in your faith as a Catholic man, including our NFCM NEW MEDIA NETWORK. Please forward this email to other Catholic men that you believe could also benefit from them. If you are receiving this as a forwarded copy, you can receive this automatically each week by registering on the NFCM website. Just take a few minutes to do so by clicking here: REGISTRATION

As you are no doubt aware, God is continuing to move powerfully among Catholic men, and we are seeing sustained growth in the Catholic men’s movement. The NFCM, in collaboration with other men's ministries and with the support and endorsement of our Bishops, has played a major part in this growth. This includes our support to Catholic men’s conferences, fellowships, and men’s groups; and in training and formation of Catholic men's leaders. Here are some excerpts from an endorsement letter from Bishop Aymond of the Austin diocese (June 2006):

"Our Church desperately needs the Catholic men to take their rightful roles in their families, Church, and communities as men of God. An organization such as the NFCM clearly provides the vehicle to accomplish this goal. There is no stronger force in the world than a group of Catholic men evangelizing their faith and their commitment to Jesus Christ, their families, the Catholic Church and their communities."

  • CLICK HERE and go to Channel Two on the NFCM New Media Network for a new compilation of inspired talks to Catholic Men at conferences, retreats, and missions, including talks by Peter Herbeck and others.
  • CLICK HERE and go to Channel One on the NFCM New Media Network for a 10 minute weekly podcast reflection for men, by dynamic priests and deacons, on the upcoming Sunday Mass Readings.
  • CLICK HERE to go to a new Catholic Man Channel Article, "Evangelizations, The Essential Mission of the Church"!
  • CLICK HERE for a meditation on this Sunday's Mass Readings, "Trusting In God's Promises" -- plus discussion questions for men.
  • CLICK HERE for information on the Catholic Men's Conference in Colorado Springs, CO., on September 13, 2008 (and on other men's conferences).


We are totally supported by the generosity of those who believe in our ministry, and those whom we serve. We ask you to prayerfully consider financially supporting the NFCM's vital ministry to Catholic men, especially during the summer months when contributions fall off. CLICK HERE to make a contribution.

May God richly bless you.
Maurice Blumberg, Director
National Fellowship of Catholic Men Center

If you know someone else who would like to receive periodic emails from the National Fellowship of Catholic Men, please encourage them to sign up via CatholicMensResources.org.

Our postal address is
PO Box 86381
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20886
United States

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